Strategic Prayer

Strategic Prayer

Prayer prepares and maintains the spiritual atmosphere within regions. CITY PLAN understands the importance of prayer.  “Prayer is like the engine of a vehicle.  Without prayer, activation plans will not work.”  

CITY PLAN partners with World Trumpet Mission to develop prayer altars within the lives of individuals, families, churches and the spheres of culture. 

PRAYER ALTARS: A Strategy That Changes Nations

What if the Scriptures had a secret that revealed how territory can be taken for the kingdom of God? What if that Prayer_Alters_Book_Coversecret was impacting nations on the earth today? Whether it is through Abraham, Moses, or the early

Church, God uses prayer altars to occupy territory, advance His kingdom, break the powers of darkness, and draw His presence. This strategy from the Word of God has helped bring revival to entire nations; and the best part is… God is still using them today! Come explore how you can be a part of this strategy and build prayer altars today in your home, church, city, workplace, and even your nation. The altar is not something you physically build, it is a time set aside to meet with God. Purchase Prayer Alter books at: