CITY PLAN Local Leadership Team in PA


CITY PLAN has a variety of leaders on the local level.  Below are some of our leaders:


CITY PLAN Local Leadership Team in PA

  • Patty Sodmont
  • Stacy McDonald
  • Steve Dillon
  • Whitney Thibodoux
  • Fred Catchpole
  • Melia Lewis

Hope Center Leader – Frankie Fry            Mentor – Patty Sodmont & Teri Harkleroad 


  • Michelle Maddy – Care Center Manager
  • Jennifer Audain – Care Center Manager
  • Randy Delliveniri – School Project Leader
  • Prayer Network – Richard & Kimberly Wilson

MISSIONARY Clifford Lara from Life Recovery Outreach carries the message of “Prayer Altars” and helps to establish strategic prayer within communities.  Prayer is the foundation of all transformative revival.  CITY PLAN helps to bring in the next phases of strategic activation and project development.

VOLUNTEERS:  CITY PLAN  takes great pride in the many volunteers working within the different projects in multiple cities!  TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE!